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Slingshot is a Content Management System (CMS), a tool that allows you to manipulate, edit, and store a variety of file types, including text documents, graphics, video and audio clips. With Slingshot, you can have all these media types in the same file; for example, a website homepage may make use of modules, text, graphics, and hyperlinks.

Slingshot is the ideal solution for a variety of business needs, whether you work in advertising, real estate, publishing, and more. A website allows you to reach your clients and employees quickly and easily, at the same time generating interest in your organization. Few professional businesses today operate without a website, and Slingshot can help you enter the online global marketplace.

Slingshot is a customizable, low-cost solution that more than pays for itself in the exposure and interest a website generates. And because it's hosted software, you can log onto it from anywhere with an Internet connection. Being 100% "in the browser", there are no downloads or patches to install. This saves you the time and hassle of maintaining the software, something that many other CMS providers force their customers to do.

More Slingshot features...

Content creation and publishing
Asset/Media management
Track and Report
100% web-based interface
Multilingual site content
Multilingual administration
Multiple environments
User and role administration