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Satellite / Franchise Sites

If you need to create sub-sites that branch off your main website, then consider our Satellite/Franchise Sites solution. It's perfect if you need to create several pages of content that aren't enough to form a separate website on their own, but require more than just a link from your homepage. Satellite sites are ideal for showcasing a large or complex product, project, or other related topic. Franchise sites can retain the look and feel of the central site but still be customizable by the franchisee, reducing the time you spend maintaining content.

Slingshot allows you to create sub-sites that are template-based, meaning they have the same layout and design as your main site. And if you need to reuse content, no problem! Your site can have an unlimited number of pages, meaning you don't need to delete old pages in order to create new ones. This allows you to create your content ahead of time and post it when necessary, meaning you don't have to scramble at the last minute to meet deadlines.